This settings are for the game audio volume.


The sound settings are related to the internal game sound and music, and this settings are common for all characters.

  • Enable Sound: this is the master control, disable this to disable all internal sounds and music.
  • Master Volume: the main volume for all internal sounds and music.
  • Enable Effects: this setting toggle the sound effects (like spells, monster's noises, etc...).
  • Effects Volume: regulates the sound effects volume.
  • Enable Music: this setting toggle the internal client music, and can't be active if EC PlaySound music is active.
  • Music Volume: the volume of the internal client music.
  • Play Footsteps: enable this to hear the footsteps of your character and other players.
NOTE: footsteps are the same in any terrain (even if inside the client there are the sounds for every kind of terrains).

EC PlaySoundEdit

In this section you find the controls related to EC PlaySound, and this settings are saved separately for each character.

  • EC PlaySound - Effects: toggle the sound effects added from EC PlaySound (several spells/buffs and all the custom sound you may add).
  • EC PlaySound - Music: enable the EC PlaySound music. This apply a different music for each place and situation. This music react much better than the internal client version.
  • EC PlaySound - Heartbeat: the client by default supports the heartbeat, but the internal sound system is bugged, so EC PlaySound takes care of it. The heartbeat sound plays when you're getting near death, the faster it plays the lower is your hit points amount.