The graphics settings affects every characters you play, and allows you to improve the game performance.


  • Use Fullscreen: change between windowed mode and fullscreen.
NOTE: fullscreen mode gives better performance.

  • Fullscreen Resolution: the resolution used on fullscreen mode

  • Max Framerate: the framerate that the game will use.
NOTE: high framerates will reduce the game performance.

  • Windowed Fullscreen: this will make the game fill the screen in window mode, so you'll have the window mode advantages in a "fake" fullscreen.
NOTE: activating or deactivating this option will shut down the client and the player has to restart it manually.

  • Show Window Frame: when active, it will remove the standard frame added by Windows. It doesn't work on fullscreen mode.
NOTE: activating this will remove the standard Windows buttons on the window title, and you will be unable to resize the game window.
  • Brightness: this is the gamma ratio of the game. Change this if you think that the game is too dark/bright for your eyes.


  • Show Foliage: this option show/hide the tree foliage and ship sails. You can also use the related action to toggle this option.

  • Show Mob Shadows: show/hide the shadows for players/creatures.

  • Enable V-Sync: fixes the tearing effect that may happen on certain screens. This option can be turned off if your monitor has a frequency of 60Hz or higher.
NOTE: if active, it will reduce the game performance.

  • Enable Hardware Death Effect: enables an hardware-accelerated screen effect when dead.
NOTE: if active, it will reduce the game performance while you are dead, but it will improve the visual quality.

  • Particle Detail: the quality of the particle effects used by spells and few other special effects.
NOTE: the performance will reduce based on how high you set this, especially in cases where you have a lot of particle effects (like against Corgul).

  • Particle Filter: which particle you want to see: player/target, party/target, all or none.
NOTE: filtering the particle will reduce the amount of effects you have on screen and you will improve the game performance as well.

  • Idle Animation: turn on/off the animations of the characters standing still around you.
NOTE: this option requires the client restart in order to be active.

  • Animation: how often you want the characters around you to play animations.
NOTE: an higher frequency reduces the game performance.