This tab allows you to customize the Chat Window.

Chat SettingsEdit

  • Chat Alpha: the transparency level of the Chat Window.
  • Auto-Hide Chat: if enabled the Chat Window will hide automatically after a certain amount of time.
  • Fade Out Time: this allows you to customize the time before the [[Chat Window] auto-hides.
  • Show Window On Mouse Over: if enabled the chat re-appears when you move the mouse cursor over it. If disabled, the chat window will stay hidden.
  • Enable Text Fading: if enabled, when the Chat Window auto-hide it will also hide the text.
  • Show Timestamp: if enabled each message will shows the time of arrival.
  • Lock Chat Window: lock the chat window so that you won't move it by mistake.
  • Lick Chat Line To The Game Window: if enabled the line where you type text will be attached to the bottom of the game window. If disabled the line will be attached to the Chat Window.
  • Minimum Total Damage To Log: the minimum amount of damage you deal to a target before the Chat Window starts to shows it (if the Damage Information filter is active).
  • Save Journal To File: if active, everytime you logout it will saves the whole journal into a text file into the Logs folder of the game.
NOTE: the file name will be "[dd-mm-yyyy HH.MM.SS] Journal.txt".

You See SettingsEdit

This section allows you to choose which type of mobile you want to generate a "You See" log when they enters the screen.

NOTE: the "You See" filter must be active to see those messages.

Special FiltersEdit

  • Show Spells: if enabled it will shows the word of power of the spells the players casts around you.
  • Show Spell Casting Messages: if enabled you will be able to see the following messages:
  • You are already casting a spell.
  • You have not yet recovered from casting a spell.
  • Show Perfection Messages: if enabled you will be able to see the following messages:
  • You gain in Perfection as you precisely strike your opponent.
  • You have lost some Perfection in fighting this opponent.
  • Allow Multiple Equals Messages: if enabled, you will see just 1 message if it's repeated more times. This is a good method to keep the jorunal clean.
  • Hide Channel's Tag: if enabled, you won't see the channel's name tags [Party], [Alliance], etc... as prefix on messages.