The new animal lore gump provides all the info about the creature in a single page and also a lot of extra data that usually wouldn't be available unless you start to search the web for it.



Read the data in the gump is very easy:

  • The creature name is shown as window title
  • The gump shows the maximum possible value for each stat between parenthesis.
  • Rating:
  • Each category (Stat, Hit Points, Resistances and Skills), provides between parenthesis the current global ratio of the creature for the category.
  • Stats (strength, dexterity and intelligence): provides up to 5% of the final rating.
  • Hit Points: provides up to 25% of the final rating.
  • Resistances: provides up to 65% of the final rating.
  • Skills: provides up to 5% of the final rating.
  • Each stat is shown in 3 different colors:
  • White: the stat is acceptable
  • Yellow: the stat is bad
  • Red: the stat is very bad
  • On the bottom part you can see some more data like the barding difficulty, the preferred food, etc.. that are commonly shown on the normal animal lore gump, but it also shows the taming required and your chance to control the creature that usually are not visible.


In top left of the window, you can find a context menu that allows you to change some settings:


  • You can customize the range for the Bad anf Very Bad stats range in percent (the percent of the difference between the maximum possible and minimum stat). Changing those values updates the stats colors accordingly.
  • You can also disable the stats highlight so you will be able to decide by yourself what's good or bad.
  • You can enable the logging. By doing that everytime you use animal lore on a creature, a text file will be created into the "Logs" folder of the game containing all the data that you see on the gump.