EC PlaySound is an application REQUIRED for using Pinco's UI.

This application takes care of many function that the client by itself can't.

When the program is running, you can find it as a speaker icon in the system tray.

If the program is not running the UI will send a warning message, pressing OK on that message will switch to Default UI. The message will disappears as soon as you start EC PlaySound again.

Since EC PlaySound handles many aspects of the UI, it is wise to add it to your antivirus/firewall exceptions in order to avoid unwanted problems.

Command Line ParametersEdit

You can use "-game" as command line parameters to skip the patcher and directly open the game.

Context MenuEdit

In the context menu of the program you can find 3 options:

  • Enable Sound for Unfocused Windows: if enabled, you will hear sound and music when your game window is in background.
  • Sound Manager:
This tool allows you to play a custom sound when a custom text appears on your game journal.
To do that, just click on an empty line under "Text" to specify the text, then click on the column "Sound File Name" to select the file to play and press "Save".
After saving, if you are logged in in game, you have to logout and login again and then you're custom sounds are active.
  • Exit: even if the UI requires it to works properly, you can close EC PlaySound manually. But remember that when you close your game EC PlaySound will be terminated automatically.

Known IssuesEdit

  • While multiboxing, you could see the warning which tells you that EC PlaySound is not active for a very short time.
  • Sending bug reports may return an SMTP error. This error may be caused by your antivirus blocking the email sent from EC PlaySound or just because the SMTP server is unavailable at the moment. In any case you have to try again sending the bug because the report was not sent.