Activates the last skill used.


Activates the last spell used.


Activates the last object used.


Toggles the equipping of items for the specified equipment slot.

Bandage SelfEdit

Uses the bandages on yourself.

Bandage Selected TargetEdit

Uses the bandages on the Current Target.

NOTE: it works only if the Legacy Targeting is turned OFF.


Use this action to retrieve an item locked down in your home.

Load ShurikensEdit

Automatically load ten charges of shurikens into the ninja belt.

NOTE: make sure you have enough shurikens in your backpack. The ninja belt can be equipped or inside your backpack, if you have more than one it will take the first one.

Full SpellbookEdit

Opens the most filled spellbook.

NOTE: There is an action for each spellbook type.

Gather SeedsEdit

Gather all seeds from a plant.

NOTE: open the plant gump first.

Gather ResourcesEdit

Gather all resources from a plant.

NOTE: open the plant gump first.

Buoy ToolEdit

The Buoy Tool is designed for crab fishing. This action just shows and hide the window.