This action will works only inside macros and wait for the cursor target to appear.

Cursor Target LastEdit

Re-target the last cursor target.

Cursor Target CurrentEdit

Targets the current target with the cursor target.

Cursor Target SelfEdit

Target your character with the cursor target.

Cursor Target StoredEdit

Allows you to store a specific target. When the target it's stored, you will be able to click this (or use an hotkey) to target the stored item/mobile.

Cycle Last Cursor TargetEdit

This action is the same of Target Next in the Classic Client. Allows you to cycle through the visible mobiles, and use Cursor Target Last. When a target is selected a small healthbar appears under its feets (like on Classic Client).


NOTE: this action should be used only with Legacy Targeting active, because the Current Target just makes the system obsolete.

Clear Target QueueEdit

If the Cursor Target Queuing is active, this action allows you to clear the queue.

Cancel Cursor TargetEdit

Cancels the cursor target. Useful on macros, because by default you can cancel the cursor target by pressing the ESCAPE button.